Blue Funnel - Ship Numbers - WWII

Geoff Plunkett
4th December 2007, 01:48
I was hoping to know;

1;the definitive numbers (and tonnage) of Blue Funnel Ships that were used by the British Admiralty during World War II ie; each year from 1939 to 1945 and
2; the numbers lost during these same years
3; was the Blue Funnel line the biggest contributor of merchant ships during the war effort and by how much?

Very best
Geoff, Sydney, Australia

4th December 2007, 10:00
Welcome Geoff to SN. Just give it time and some answers will possibly come forth. Bon voyage.

4th December 2007, 10:22
Sorry I can't help with the figures but it's perhaps worth mentioning that what, I believe, were two BF ships 'Agamemnon' (1929/7829) and 'Menestheus' (1929/7439) operated as Amenities ships in the Pacific under the blue ensign of the RFA. They were returned in 1946.


4th December 2007, 15:02
TSS Patroclus was an armed merchant cruiser (AMC). Sunk by UBoat whilst protecting a passenger liner off Ireland, 1940. (My grandfather was on her at the time).