6th December 2007, 19:35
I'm doing a compilation of technical elements of the portuguese navy.
Anybody can inform about the caractheristics of the american sonar SQ 510 of the Vasco da Gama class frigates ?

Thanks in advance for any information

6th December 2007, 20:49
In not so sure the Portugese Navy or the Americans would look too kindly on those sort of details being publicized about a currently in service warship.
In all honesty, wonder myself, why you would want such details. Most spies spend countless hours and much money trying to obtain that sort of info......

K urgess
6th December 2007, 20:58
Shouldn't it be AN/SQS 510 Sonar?
All you need to do is Google [=P]
Try this (

6th December 2007, 21:10
Be sure I'm not a spy. I was looking for something I saw in the site of