Found old business card C. H. Marshall & Co.?

19th May 2016, 01:13
I hope his is the right place to ask to identify something. I searched all the forums and this one sounded good. I guess I would just like your opinion on if this card is original or a reproduction? I work in a library ands was looking at a shipping book from the 1970's about shipping lines, I do not even remember the book because I found this business card as was so excited I put the book back. I went onto the newspaper search at the library and found an ad in a New York paper from 1871 that had the same info as card? Any help would be appreciated. If it was real I also thought people might appreciate seeing it. Back as info and someone has marked ships off?

19th May 2016, 01:15
Here is a pictur of the back of the card

20th May 2016, 17:08
Can't say if the card is genuine, though it looks to be. In The Times (UK), published on 2 February 1876, reference is made to a collision between the Harvest Queen (as written on the back of the card) and the White Star steamer Adriatic, off Waterford Light, Irish Sea, which took place on 31 December 1875. The Harvest Queen was lost with no survivors. The result of the Board of Trade enquiry, held in Liverpool, was published in The Times on 11 February 1876 exonerating the master of the Adriatic for the collision. Here's a bit more:
I'm sure much more would be contained in both Irish and Liverpool newspapers depending on how far you want to research.

Dave W

21st May 2016, 15:00
Thanks for your reply. I did look the crash up and saw some of that info. I will do some more. You found more specific info that I did. Again thanks for your response.