Wahine what happend?

9th December 2007, 14:50
What ever did happen to the wahine did she just sink or was she raised or something?

Jan Hendrik
9th December 2007, 15:33
Go to:

9th December 2007, 16:32
tis a shame she look such a nice vessel too :(

10th December 2007, 15:28
She was probably the most beautiful ferry ever built. The bow looked incredible. However, my old man said that visibility from the bridge was poor (when compared to the NZ Railways ferries of the time.) Cut up in-situ. Her mast now sits in Frank Kitts park, Wellington. Apparently a few bits of scrap still sit down near the reef that she foundered on.

The Maori always said it was a bad idea to name her "Wahine" (woman)...

10th December 2007, 21:52
One of the propellor bosses is (or was) in the Wellington Maritime ~Museum

samuel j
9th February 2008, 21:09
Wahine Disaster - 20 Years On (New Zealand) (1988)


Derek Roger
9th February 2008, 22:25
Thanks for that John ;
My Late Uncle and Aunt and my Cousin lived in Seatoun Hts and saw the whole thing evolve . It is remarkable that so many were able to survive .

10th February 2008, 05:54
The Maori always said it was a bad idea to name her "Wahine" (woman)...

I reckon they were right ( women and ships and stuff isn't just a maori thing).

I have some photos of the first Wahine in the gallery.......

10th February 2008, 06:56
I was in the Hawkes Bay the day of the "Wahine " storm and it sure was heavy weather throughout the country. She sat partly submerged for some time before being cut up for scrap.
Another beautiful USS Co inter-island ferry was the "Hinemoa", a Maori folk lore maiden of great beauty and she lived a long and useful life (the ship I mean)

Dave Edge
10th February 2008, 09:08
The first Wahine lasted with Union Company for 38 years - 1913 to 1951 - so they must have felt safe reusing the name, although the previous one was also lost through grounding, fortunately without loss of life.