Wm Redvers Forster (1900-75)

Bill Forster
12th December 2007, 17:58
Is there anybody "onboard" who sailed with my father?

He went to sea as 6th Engineer on he SS San Fraterno, a tanker belonging to Eagle Oil, in 1921 and retired from the sea when he left MV Sugar Exporter, one of Silvertown Shipping Co's "sugar ships" in 1961.

From i933 onwards he was Chief" Engineer on most of his ships.

I guess I am looking for some really old sailors to step forward and help me find out about my father's life at sea.

I sailed with him as a supernumary on a voyage to the West Indies aboard MV Sugar Importer in 1959.

Hoping to hear from you.

Bill Forster

12th December 2007, 21:50
Welcome from Lancashire Bill.

You may hit lucky with your query. In any case you can learn a lot about life at see by taking a good look around the site's threads and Gallery. There are search tools for both to help you.



Bruce Carson
12th December 2007, 21:56
Bill, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
Here's hoping you find old shipmates of your father on our site.
Make yourself at home: we have lots of tanker information in our Forums and pictures in our Gallery.


K urgess
12th December 2007, 22:32
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Bill.
A bit before my time but we have some crew from that era.
Find your way around the ship and enjoy the voyage.

13th December 2007, 03:43
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

non descript
13th December 2007, 07:45
Bill, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage.

ps. To get you maximum exposure I have re-posted (by copying) part of your posting into another thread, as this "Say Hello" thread does not always get as many hits as you may need to secure a reply when searching for old shipmates

13th December 2007, 12:46
Greetings Bill and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

13th December 2007, 23:18

A warm welcome to SN from the Isle of Anglesey.
I would be surprised if our members can not help you with your query, in the meantime, have a good look round and join in the banter as much as possible.
Beware, it is addictive! (Thumb)

14th December 2007, 05:31
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer