Campbeltown Shipyard restarted ???

Gavin Gait
14th December 2007, 15:29
I see there's an advert in the classified adds in the back of todays Fishing News from "Campbeltown Shipyards ( Argyll )" tendering to build new stern trawlers from 90ft (3.5m) to 150ft (6m).

Anyone heard anything from the yard as there's only a mobile phone contact number.


14th December 2007, 17:00
Kinda weird advert, only contact details is a mobile phone number.

quiet waters
4th January 2008, 21:32
saw a mention of this on kintyreforum with a link to davie's comments on here, i haven't heard anything about it, personally i think its someone's idea of a sick joke as the shipyard was raised to the ground several years ago and nothing remains on the site except the abandoned slipway and pier, that doesn't have the means of even slipping local boats, both campbeltown slipping options haven't operated for a few years, i was surprise that the local CFA didn't seek to take over the running of the slipway at the "New Quay"

had a walk round the harbour this morning and wish i had taken a camera as 90% of the boats were unfamiliar to me?

5th January 2008, 21:59
Davie I noted that add appearing a few weeks ago, did not seem to make sense.

Gavin Gait
5th January 2008, 22:07
Makes no sense to anyone Jim , unless he's bought the rights to the Campbeltown Shipyard name and would be building elsewhere but even so the Fishing News would have been carrying a story about it