Brocklebank's MANBUD

Stuart Smith
21st April 2005, 11:47
I posted a thread on the site before the big crash about the Merseyviews picture of a ship they call SS MANBUD and asked the experts what they knew about it.
I seem to remember that the general concensus was that it was in fact SS MAHSUD and I think Jim Pottinger was the main instigator of this view.
I am just about to make some notes on the subject and went to re-view the thread and feedback but alas it has disappeared into that vast void called
" Where the b****y hell did I see that"
Is it possible that someone could recall the facts and confirm that it is most likely MAHSUD 1.

Thanks (:()

21st April 2005, 12:15
Mahsud was my hypothesis at the time. I had looked up the same source of photos and queried the name, no search I did could come up with anything but "Merseysideviews". I had wondered if someone had made a hash of reading the reverse of the name - stems from the pic of the old Masirah where the name was on the reverse of the negative. Like yourself, I can't find the thread or my reply.

Stuart Smith
22nd April 2005, 12:53
Thanks Hugh.
It was obviously you that made the hypothesis and not Jim.
The thread went to the magic hard drive in the sky when the BIG BANG happened.


22nd April 2005, 15:34
Didn't hear a thing, but I was swanning round the Kiwi north island at the time, saw the odd box boat in Auckland. Saw Gisborne, looked like a standard old fashioned harbour/port, sadly couldn't linger, had to make Tolaga Bay by dusk (now there's an interesting old/ex-port) Didn't see Zelda's fisherman anywhere at Gisborne.