chandris line

16th December 2007, 21:02
(Thumb) i think it is time for a "new " line!!!!

have anyone memories of this line ?(K)

16th February 2008, 09:01
it no one drive with chandris ??????????????

16th February 2008, 11:54
Sure. They were probably more noted for their passenger liners, but I recall one cargo ship that seemed to visit every port in its time, the Dona Ourania.

16th February 2008, 16:34
(Thumb) i think it is time for a "new " line!!!!

have anyone memories of this line ?(K)

Evegenia Chandris in '69, nice ship (all a bit hazy now though) B\)

16th February 2008, 17:07
Mrs Evegenisa J Chandris (Ship owners)
SS Agios Vlasios 1918, 2974 t
SS Despo Chandris 1921 1679t
SS Dora Chandris 1603 1920t
SS Evegenia Chandris 1943 7177t
SS Ioannis Chandris 1942 7035 t
SS John Chandris 1943 10448 (T2 tanker?)
SS Keti Chandris 1924 3226 t
SS Margarita Chandris 1920 5401t
SS Mari Chandris 1921 6703t
SS Mina Chandris 1924 1435 t
SS Thoula Chandris 1914 2401t
SS Youla Chandris 1915 2557 t

Fleet list 1954. Both Companies

Chandris Lines (uk) Ltd
Charlton Star 8396t 1921
Charlton Venus 11382 t 1951

17th February 2008, 12:21
Evegenia Chandris in '69, nice ship (all a bit hazy now though) B\)

Many will recall Chandris's passenger liners and cruise ships. I returned to the UK with my family from Australia on ss Australis in 1976. Her website is
She was ex-United States Lines' ss America launched in 1940. All reference to the previous name had of course been obliterated e.g. bow and stern names. However one day sitting in the bar I noticed there were Inter-Code signal flags painted on the deckhead and via my rusty signals expertise I realised they spelt ss America! The Master was surprised to hear this when I told him later.
Chris Clarke

17th February 2008, 16:28
i saw many pictues from here in the web!
is that true that she was very dirty in and outside ??
ourside was very rosty or ??

17th February 2008, 16:29
mike , have you work on here ??

23rd February 2008, 18:19
mike , have you work on here ??

Yes I worked on here as Radio Officer from November '69 to April '70. I posted a picture of her at Finnart Scotland quite a while back.


29th February 2008, 11:07
have you more picture from this time ?

4th June 2009, 13:06
Did two "seasons" on the Charlton Mira on the Canadian coast for DOSCO (Dominion Steel Company). The ship was owned by Chandris and registered in London as a requirement of the long term charter to DOSCO. The ship was not ice strengthened and so would start work on the coast around the last week of March and finish the following Dec/Jan. We would run iron ore from Wabana, Newfoundland or Sept Isles, Quebec to the steel plant in Sydney, Cape Breton Is. Alternatively we would run coal from Sydney to Trois Rivieres or occasionally go for coal in Hampton Roads for discharge in Sydney. Different grades of coal was how it was explained in those days. A very hectic season as we could manage three trips a week on ore from Sept Isles.
If we did consecutive voyages to either Wabana or Sept Isles we would not clean holds in Sydney just scoop as much as possible up with the payloaders and sail with around a thousand tons of ore still in the bottom. It was more cost efficient to get the ship back to the load port for another full load than spend a day cleaning. Nice job during the summer months but hard when the winter came. We did manage quite a bit of time ashore in Sydney and usually had a regular girlfriend there. At the end of the season we would do a sub-charter of sorts - grain from Halifax to Brazil for example, and then go to Piraeus for about a month to repair all the damage done by grabs during our time on the Canadian coast.

5th June 2009, 22:48
I sailed on the Charlton Mira for one year as 3/off on the same Canadian run in the late sixties, she then had a re-fit on the Humber for the best part of 6 weeks, renamed the Dona Mira changed flag to Liberian and we sailed in ballast down to Chile We carried bagged and bulk Nitrates up and down the Peruvian and Chilean coast for almost 11 months, it was 5 days alongside to discharge 1000 ton and then a 6 hours sea passage to the next port to do the same. The longest sea passage was 36 hours back to the load port in Northern Chile and started the run again, totally unbelievable ship for runs ashore , she returned back to Europe for D/D and the Greeks joined her after we returned the ship back down to South America. A fantastic two years.

As for the Evegenia Chandris I joined her as 2/0 the day Mikeg left in Rotterdam repair yard, she was a Shell M class design built in Denmark and was going to be an AP Moller ship but during the fitting out Chandris UK took her on, cut back on the quality accommodation fittings favoured by the Scandinavians and rolled her out flying the Red Ensign.
She was a very lucky ship considering the Mitra and another Shell M class had disaster strike during tank cleaning, also the Mobil Pegasus caught the static bug. On the Evegenia we were using the same tank cleaning practices and there for the grace of God go I as they say.
Chemical tankers one year later were becoming the new breed of ship and far safer than VLCC’s