fisheries protection vessels scotland

21st December 2007, 08:52
anyone know the fpvs,fidra,switha,ulva,norna,vaila,etc all on the west coast of scotland late 60s 70s, pics wanted of the ulva and old norna.
thanx in advance..........

21st December 2007, 09:23

wee bobby
21st December 2007, 22:44
Hi calorpig,-I was at the "SPRATS" in the Forth-79/80 ? aboard the Amaranth/Maid of Honour, when we were boarded by the Switha's Inspector's (checking the herring perentage) .The night was dead calm and cold-with the fore -cast of severe gales in the morning-as the daylight came in,we were heading back to Granton for shelter and unload the sprats we heard that the "Switha" had struck the rocks at the east side of Inchkeith. they tried over the days to get her off, but to no avail-subseqently she was blown-up, and whats left lies there today. hope this bit of info is of use.
all the best-2008
Wee Bobby(Thumb)

22nd December 2007, 08:44
hi wee bobby
i was on the west coast on the fpv ulva, also i am from leith lived across the road from nautical college,sandport st, and was on the trawler barbera paton GW7 FROM GRANTON in the late 60s,i now live in london(Cloud)

14th February 2008, 15:41
Hi guys,

i was on the Switha, Explorer in the 70s and the Jura in the 80s. Who handles the crewing for these boats now as the old DAFS never responds to letters or mails!

Gavin Gait
14th February 2008, 16:08
The SFPA is still in charge of the Scottish Fishery Patrol vessels ( ).

Lothian Lad
29th August 2010, 20:50
I sailed on the Fishery Cruiser Vigilant and the Norna out of Leith 1965 1968. Had some great times up in Stromness, Kirkwall, Lerwick and Stornaway.
Great days...and nights.

13th March 2011, 19:48
I'm pretty sure the Switha was originally the Ernest Holt, a MAFF fisheries Research Vessel from 1949? to 1970 when she was replaced by the Cirolana. I remember hearing of here unfortunate end.