Unidentified Brigantine

18th June 2016, 12:23
Dear All,

A recent addition to my marine art collection is this rather peculiar oil painting. I say peculiar, because it has been cut down from a larger picture: what is left comes from the bottom right-hand quadrant, and is about half the size, of the original. I suspect (although I have no evidence to support this theory) that it may have been a children's book illustration, and an area containing little detail (which had been painted in for the purpose of overlaying text) has been cut away.

Whatever the story behind the painting, the ship appears to be a brigantine, with a white or cream hull, a painted figurehead, gilt decoration around the bow and stern, sand-coloured or yellowish sails, flying the Swedish flag, and she was probably painted at some point during the 1960s or 1970s (definitely no later than 1983, going by the maker's name on the canvas panel).

Is she painted from life, or is this merely the artist's idea of what a brigantine should look like?

If she was painted from life, has anyone any suggestions as to her identity?

Has anyone seen this picture before as an illustration in a book?

Any answers, suggestions, or even ribald comments will be warmly welcomed! :D