Brocklebank Runs

29th December 2007, 00:42
Have any of you taken a trip or two on Goole Earth, it's interesting to see the changes that have taken place at the various ports we visited. Some names have changed, some places have improved some have been changed for tourists. We were lucky to get there first.
Take a look at: the Suez, Red Sea ports,Gan,the Moldives,the Seychelles, Columbo, Madras,Vizag, Calcutta and Kidderpore etc.
It's interesting for me to see what 40+ years has done to these places.

K urgess
29th December 2007, 00:45
If your look here ( in the directory there are several locations listed for Google Earth.


29th December 2007, 12:44
Hi Trevor,

If you find any of particular interest, please PM me with the coordinates and what it is and I will add them to the list.



30th December 2007, 00:01
Hi Benjidog,
I've not been searching using coordinates, have simply input ports outward- bound and homeward-bound and let Google do the rest. An example would be Vizag a well known port to Brocks guys, Google Vishakapatnam and it shows us how it has changed.
Cheers, I have a black lab.

30th December 2007, 23:07
Although not Ex-Brocks,I too have used Google Earth to recreate voyages and visit ports that I thought I knew,including many of the above mentioned.I find it difficult to recognise any of them.Mind you that goes for my home town too, everytime I go out!!

Tony Selman
3rd January 2008, 22:38
Look how empty Colombo harbour is as well. It bears no resemblance to the (good) old days.

10th January 2008, 21:40
Yes Tony,
look at Kidderpour it's empty, remember how we all used to squeeze in, sometimes walking from ship to ship to get ashore. The great thing was we knew the cargo we carried,from locos to loaves, today you can't tell what is in a container.

29th January 2008, 15:29
Are "Brocklebank Runs" the same as "Delhi-belly", "Montezuma's-revenge" and other euphemistic names for "The Squits"? Salaams Phil(Hippy)