Thomson Destiny

30th December 2007, 15:30
Without excessive technicality can any of you engineers tell me how the power from 4 x 8 Cylinder Sultzer diesels finds it way into 2 shafts.
Is it hydraulic or electric and how is it controlled.
Or alternatively can you point me to a web site that tells me some of the intracacies.
I've just been on it (the ship, that is) and it vibrated like a kids rattle, worse than an old steam ship. What annoyed me even more was I didnt get on the bridge (I needed to win a raffle!!) or get into the engine room ( Health & Safety you understand, sir) Damned cheek !! only joking of course.

21st July 2012, 15:08
Thomson Destiny as Louis Olympia

10th August 2012, 16:23
Her departure today from Piraeus Port

and a friends' of mine video when the ship came as Destiny at Piraeus