Pictures of the Brede class?

31st December 2007, 18:53

does anyone in here know where to find good quality pictures of one of these Brede class lifeboats once used by the RNLI? I`ve got me a GRP hull from KM and want to build a model of that class but without pictures detailing will always stay guesswork and that`s not what I`m looking for......

Ive searched the internet quite extensivly but couldn`t come up with anything so any help would really be appreciated!

Thanks for reading through this,


samuel j
31st December 2007, 19:57

anything here of any use Wolfgang
brgds John, Cork

1st January 2008, 14:17
Hey John,

thanks for your answer- now at least I have another direction for my search! Still hard to find useable pictures, the official page of the NSRI doesn`t show more than 3 small ones as well!

I cannot understand this, at least the southafrican crews must be proud of their new boats since they`re bigger than everything else they have so why don`t they take some more pictures?!


1st January 2008, 15:29
Wolfgang, I presume from your comment about the South Africans that some of the Bredes went down to that continent.
As a model lifeboat builder myself, I have always found that the present owners of any type of ex lifeboat are more than willing to take photo's of their boats for you, and do it with great pride. If you were able to find where one of these boats went and contact the new owners you would probably get more than enough shots for your build, especially in this new age of digital photography. If you were to google search for the Lifeboat Enthusiast Society within the UK and email them on their web site, they may be able to help with present owners.cheers, and good luck with your build.
Also if you contact either/both the U.K model boat mags called Marine Modelling International and Model Boats one of those magazines carried a multi part model boat build of a Brede Class Lifeboat some years ago and would be able to probably supply you with photocopies of the articles. best wishes neil.

Since posting the above, Wolfgang I have searched through what I have on lifeboats and the only picture I can find of a Brede is one taken at a rally I went to with my 41' Watson and have a picture of the two of them together.If you want a copy then pm me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
I did find a two part build in May/June 2004 of the Mersey class lifeboat but not the Brede.sorry!

samuel j
9th January 2008, 22:35
there are quite a few photos in the lifeboat gallery on this site

28th February 2008, 17:09
hi i know some who has got a completed model i can try and get some pics off him ? if you still need them ?


2nd March 2008, 14:07
Have you tried the Nelsonboats site, there may be some photos of Bredes there. There is a link on that site to model maker who has done some fantastic work on R.N.L.B.

SAS Amatola
14th March 2008, 08:11
I am crew at NSRI Station 9 Gordons Bay. We have a Brede as does Simonstown, Durban, Port Elizabeth,Hermanus and Hout Bay.

SAS Amatola
14th March 2008, 08:13
Our vessel still has Cat motors as designed which gives us top speed of 18.6 kts and range of 140nm.
The others in the fleet have been refitted with MTU's giving a top speed of 24kts and range of 200nm.
Richards Bay has a modified Brede or Lochin 35.

2nd April 2008, 12:05
Here are some that I found.

Model[email protected]/1968521385/[email protected]/1952036558/in/set-72157603059718556/


21st June 2008, 17:18
I don't know if you still need photos of a BREDE but I have one you can look at if you wish....a Brede that is not a photo. although I do have a numer of pictures aswel. The boat is on the South coast near Southampton if that is any help. It is 33-05 ON 1089 .


Alan Low