Academic paper - I'm published!

31st December 2007, 21:23
There may be - possibly, might be - individuals out there who would enjoy reading through a co-authored academic paper I have just had published. The hard copy came in the post today, making me feel pretty damn good!

It was written with Dr. Kathy Mack, who teaches at the Stetson School of Business and Economics in Macon, Georgia. We have never met but have exchanged numerous e.mails and a few telephone calls over the past couple of years. This idea came from Kathy wanting to write about the sea - her only experience being on a cruise ship years ago. Between us we managed a paper and there you go! It received such acclaim that we are looking at number 2 - brilliant for my CV! I could have presented it at Banff in Canada in Feb 2008 but alas, that's a bit far to go!

Let me know and I will send .pdf copies to folk or, if you prefer to see it in print, you will probably get it from your library with the following info: 'Culture and Organization'. Published by Routledge. Vol 13 number 4 December 2007. ISSN 1475-9551. The article is entitled 'Going to sea - Co-creating the aesthetic dimension of shipboard organizational life' by John Griffiths and kathy Mack.

It's not Hornblower - but it is something!


John Briggs
31st December 2007, 22:16
Well done Jonty! A great start to 2008.

31st December 2007, 23:14
Well done Jonty
Your work came up on Google.
Fame at last.
Best regards to you and Dr.Kathy Mack for the new year.
More power to your elbow!

31st December 2007, 23:22
Very cool!

31st December 2007, 23:35
well done jonty............

best wishes for the new year

1st January 2008, 00:08
Google? I'm going to try that!

Cheers all!


K urgess
1st January 2008, 00:19
Cost us a few bob to talk to you now, then.[=P]
Congratulations (Thumb)

1st January 2008, 11:10
Well done, Jonty. As a writer, I suppose I'm used to seeing my work in print but this sort of thing is rather different and something to be really proud of. I'm still working on mine, a 30K-word thesis, but it's nowt to do with the sea! Still, a couple of years from now it should be published by the Uni, and I'll gain another set of letters for my collection!


1st January 2008, 13:22

I can claim part of my post registration training and learning out of it. We have to re-register every three years and must have completed, in aggregate, 15 days training plus done some additional 'self learning' to qualify for re-registration. This assists no end - plus, as I said, looks good on a CV.

I have written loads before for magazines and websites but really want to write a book - fiction - and I have some ideas (and many notes and the like!) but this can't be bad as proof!

BTW Marconi Sahib - I wouldn't charge!


Sister Eleff
1st January 2008, 13:46
Many congratulations and well done! (Applause) and here's to you (Pint)

Chief Engineer's Daughter
1st January 2008, 17:39
Well done Jonty! I currently have difficulty in stringing a couple of sentances together! [=P]

I have written loads before for magazines and websites but really want to write a book - fiction - and I have some ideas (and many notes and the like!) but this can't be bad as proof!

As for ideas for a work of fiction and your notes mmmmm......... a story of a fantastic voyage comes to mind!!! (Jester)

More power to your pen/keyboard!


Pat McCardle
1st January 2008, 18:40
Well done Jonty. Hope 2008 continues to be successful(Thumb)

1st January 2008, 19:08
That voyage? I jumped ship didn't I CED?

Many thanks to all for your congrats - I am basking in the limelight for now and with another week off before starting work, taking it easy living on the glow!