7th January 2008, 08:22
Do any of the ex-Brocklebank/Cunard personnel, who finished-up on "Atlantic Causeway/Conveyor" remember the Mini-Mokes which were put on board? There was one on each ship and their purpose was for people to be able to drive to the dock-gates, at the different ports, to pick-up/drop-off people and various other things that needed taking thereto as the container berths tended to be quite a long distance from the gates. The old adage, "several owners very carefully thrashed!" fitted them admirably!!!!
They got a fair old hammering when we were at sea, too, as it was quite good fun driving them around the empty car-decks!
Eventually they got quite 'careworn' (knackered!!) and it was decided "to give them the deep six".
So, somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, are a couple of old Min-Mokes if anyone wants to go and get them and do them up!!!! Salaams, Phil(Hippy) P.S. (Later!!) I've just realised that I've confessed to being involved with dumping an oil-filled engine into the sea! In this day-and-age of not being able to breathe (almost!) without filling-in reams and reams of paper-work I'm just hoping that some jobsworth from, "The Ministry of Silly Walks, Prying into Dumping Mini-Mokes At Sea and General Interfering in Our Everyday Lives" doesn't spot my confession and have me sent to The Tower of London before being sent out to "The Colonies"!!!!

7th January 2008, 15:21
Hi Phil,
Not mini mokes - We had a bright orange Toyota 6Cyl Jeep. We would take license plates off cars that we were carrying for a run up the road on the US coast. We also carried a rear-steer sweeper that was blast to drive, again on the US coast when we were empty. Because of a heavy goods licence that I had "acquired", I used to cover the deck engineers in port and became quite proficient with the tug and forty foot trailer and the 45 ton forklift.

Great times! Rgds.

7th January 2008, 20:59
at the bottom of the atlantic..............

also my rolled gold parker pen, which lodged behind the reserve tx and the bulkhead, and couldnt be retrieved............


Derek Roger
7th January 2008, 22:46
I remember Mini Mokes were the "choice of transport " in the Seychelles .

Also in Acapulco where when on MV Mahsud some of the lads rented one for the day to go swimming on remote beaches etc . Later that evening ( very late ) as the Chief Engineer Allan Atack were returning to the ship after a jaunt ashore we were suprised to see welding flashes at the bottom of the gangway !
Turned out that that lads had been a bit heavy handed with the machine and had broken the chassis . They were in the process of welding some angle iron to the underside which they did with good reult and managed to return the vehicle and get their deposit back !!

Oh Happy Days Derek

7th January 2008, 23:33
Yes Derek, Mini Mokes can still be seen in the "Las Brisas" hotel complex! Pink and white striped too!

Next time I am in Acapulco, I will make time to see if any have "reinforced" chassis!! loL!


8th January 2008, 20:18
We used to take a regular load of Minis over to the continent on the Europic Ferry (1968).

They were driven on and off, but only had about 1 pint of petrol in them for the purpose. The Mini Coopers were formed into a block, then the normal Minis were ranged around them. Finally the Mokes were on the outer edge no doubt to protect the more expensive cars from unauthorised use.


The Mokes were much more fun to drive around the car deck, and many arrived at Europort "dry".(Jester)