On Shore and Afloat - Volume 1 - No. 1 31 March 1968

29th July 2016, 10:57
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 1 - No. 1 31 March 1968

Mr. CB MacDonald, a retired Chief Engineer (1919 to 1954) is now living at Ardvasar on the Isle of Skye where he assists his daughter to breed prize-winning Skye Terriers.

Capt. H. Lewis ex City of Wellington thanks all those who recently visited him in hospital.

Every Tuesday lunchtime at a certain rendezvous well known to Shipping Circles near the Hall Line Office in Liverpool the following retired Masters meet for a yarn:
Capt. Chapman, Capt. A. Jones, Capt. Rogerson, Capt. Sumpton, Capt. Wotherspoon with other Masters in Port, under the chairmanship of Capt. W. Lambert.

Capt. RE Mansfield (E&P) joined the Company in 1924 and retired in 1968. For the greater portion of WW2 he was Chief Officer of Destro engaged in ferrying supplies to the Allied Armies on the North African Coast.

Mr. EA Tuck (E&B) joined the Company in 1927. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in 1947. His last ship was City of Chicago before he retired in January 1968.

Mr. MH Gudri was born in 1904 at Berhampur-Saran, Behar, India. He commenced his employment with Hall Line in August 1926 on City of Lahore as Barber. He subsequently served on 18 ships in the fleet until his retirement from City of Port Elizabeth in November 1967.

Mr. TR Johnstone born 1880, died 30 December 1967. He was appointed 4th Engineer of Eden Hall in 1901 and retired in 1945. He was Chief Engineer of City of Baroda when she was sunk by enemy action in April 1943.

Mr. James Wilkie born 1887, died November 1967. He served as Chief Engineer on several vessels and retired in 1955. His father joined the Company in 1883 as 4th Engineer serving continuously until August 1929 after 32 years as Chief Engineer.

Capt. FW Wood born 1900, died 06 November 1967. He retired in 1957. His last command being City of Cardiff ex Empire Spartan.

Capt. JB MacLaren born 1896 died 27 March 1968. His last command was City of Hull in 1961. His grandfather was Capt. Black, the Marine Superintendent of City Line during the period of transition from sail to steam.