On Shore and Afloat - Volume 1 - No. 2 30 June 1968

29th July 2016, 11:00
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 1 - No. 2 30 June 1968

Capt. E. Bonfield now living at Coverack near Helston, Cornwall he was 4th Officer on Trafford Hall; 2nd Officer on Newby Hall and his first command was City of Leicester

Capt. N. Groundwater, who retired in 1965. His last command was the City of Eastbourne. He now lives in Crieff.

Capt. TM Williams, RD, RNR (Retd.), Master of City of Durban on his appointment as Commodore in 1968.

Commodore W. Dick, who joined City Line in 1927 as 4th Officer on City of Nagpur. His first command was City of Khios in 1953. He was promoted to Commodore in 1966. His last command was City of York. He retired (date not shown)..

Mr. WE Carroll, Carpenter, on City of Brisbane, died 26 Feb 1968 off Curacao. His first Company vessel was Sambrake in 1946.

Mr. AH Hanson, Carpenter, on City of Eastbourne, died in Walton Hospital on 16 March 1968. His first Company vessel was Samtweed in 1945.

Mr. Michael Meaney, Chef, who served on City of York died in a motor accident on 19 May 1968.

Officers who have volunteered for Transfer to vessels now under Ben Line Ownership
Captain A. Burnett
Captain K. Powell
Captain JS Schofield
Captain RC Thomas

Chief Officers:-
HG Gray
O. Henderson
GA Pratley
JE Pritchard
MPF Tennant

1st Officers:-
JM Campbell
RA Lindsay
AR Miller
BC Spaven

2nd Officers
BG Barnes
CD Campbell
FI Hogg
WM Kay
CL Knowles
PF Lisle-Taylor
WJ Mainwaring
GW Watt

3rd Officers:-
ML Duffin
NE Harris
JL Legg

Navigating Cadets:-
E. Bramhill
Gan Tek Poh
RM Grout
L. Hing
G. Maclean
M. Macleod
C. Ong
CG Williams

Chief Engineers:-
JH Airlie
RM Banks
JR Beattie
W. Tucker

2nd Engineers
S. Donnelly
H. Ingham
BC Jackman
C. McLauchlan

3rd Engineers
A Bain
NR Campbell
R. Collier
W. Paton

4th Engineers
TJ Bartlett
JM Crossley
I Squires
W. Thomson

Junior Engineers:-
J. Barr
AM Chesters
D. Coulthard
CG Jones
JW Larkin
AM McQuat
LP Nolan
D. Raeburn
KG Salter

A Denny
PC Marshall
W. McElney

30th July 2016, 20:36
I sailed with Bill Carroll in the Brisbane when he died. Great guy. New " Fridge " ships [ the Brisbane as he had been years in her when Captain James was Mate ].

I picked up a lot about fridge ships and fridge cargo [ what to do and what not to ] from Bill.

The Mate was Dick Purkiss C/E Bart Donavan. The other Cadet was Chris Webber from Devon.

Alan Suddaby