On Shore and Afloat - Volume 2 No. 2 01 July 1971

29th July 2016, 10:16
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 2 No. 2 01 July 1971

Capt. KBB James who until recently was in command of ACT 1 has been appointed to ACT III for her maiden voyage. Another Ellerman man will be the Chief Engineer, Mr. MA Pallett.

Mr. NW Robinson, Chief Engineer stood by the building of Dilkara and 2nd Officer, Mr. JM Turner will join him.

Mr. CB MacDonald died on 31 March 1971 aged 81. He served as Chief Engineer on City of Canterbury and retired in 1954.

Capt. CH Tutty died on 28 March 1971 aged 76. He joined the Wilson Line in 1916 and retired in 1958. He was an Elder Brother and twice Warden of Trinity House.

Capt. R. Spurring died on 10 March 1971 aged 88. He joined Hall Line as 3/O on Haddon Hall in 1908. His first command was City of Naples in 1921. He retired in 1935.

A reunion of 60 retired members of the Hall Line Sea and Shore staff was held on City of Manchester (Capt. M. Graham) on 17 May 1971. The retired Masters there were:-
Capt. W. Howel
Capt. HG Williams
Capt. TL Vaughan
Capt. TF Symons
Capt. GF Sumpton
Capt. WA Rogerson
Capt. IR Pulford
Capt. G. Owen
Capt. H. Lewis
Capt. RA Jones
Capt. J. Ingoldsby
Capt. AN fry
Capt. AH Beaton
Capt. WA Lambert
Capt. AW Edgar
Capt. RH Broadbent
Capt. GE Greenhow

Mr. John Danby has been appointed Purser of City of Worcester with effect from 28 April 1971.

Mr. David Conyers has been appointed Purser of City of Hereford with effect from 05 April 1971.

Capt. W. MacGregor has been promoted in 1971 to Master of City of Dundee.

Capt. BE Torrance has been promoted to Master in 1971 temporarily of City of Wellington.

Mr. Frank Gwilliam has retired in 1971. He joined Hall Line in 1928 serving as Steward on Trafford Hall. He was Purser on City of Paris and for the last 8 years Purser on City of Port Elizabeth