On Shore and Afloat - Volume 2 No. 9 Spring 1973

29th July 2016, 11:26
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 2 No. 9 Spring 1973

Capt. GE Greenhow retired in July 1971. He was the last Master of City of Port Elizabeth.

Capt. John W. Botheroyd died 26 April 1973 aged 69. He joined EWL as 3/O in November 1923. He was appointed Master in 1945. He retired due to ill health in January 1968.

Capt. Bernard J. Dunkley died 20 April 1973 aged 77. Joined EWL as 3/O in November 1925. He was made Master in December 1945. He retired 25 April 1960.

John Heelas, Chief Steward of Salerno died in hospital in Izmir, Turkey 25 April 1973. He was landed there from his ship on 13 April suffering from peritonitis. He joined EWL in June 1955.

Mr. GA Skelton, MBE, died 21 February 1973 aged 68. Joined EWL in 1925 as 4/E in Gitano. Came ashore as Assistant Superintendent Engineer in 1938 and was appointed Superintendent Engineer in 1960. During WW2 he was attached to the Admiralty and in 1946 awarded the MBE for his services. He retired 31 December 1969.

Capt. JW Stott died 01 May 1973 aged 78. Joined EWL in April 1915 as 3/O in Galileo. His first command was Domino in March 1940 and whilst there she was sunk by enemy bombing in Liverpool. Other ships he commanded included Consuelo and Empire Paragon. In February 1945 he was appointed Assistant Marine Superintendent and was promoted to Marine Superintendent in December 1953. He retired in May 1960.

Capt. GF Sumpton died peacefully at home on 01 April 1973 aged 78. He joined Hall Line as a Junior Officer in July 1915. He retired from deep sea service in 1959 and thereafter acted as a relieving Master around the coast until his retirement in 1967.