On Shore and Afloat - Volume 3 – No. 5 – June 1975

29th July 2016, 10:33
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 3 – No. 5 – June 1975

Capt. JR Rae joined the City Line in 1895. In April 1918 he was awarded a Certificate of Merit and Lloyds Silver Medal in acknowledgement of his gallant conduct on the occasion of his vessel, City of Exeter, striking a mine on 11 June 1917. The following month he was awarded the OBE. He was later knighted. In December 1928 he was knocked down and killed by a motor bus at Saltcoats, Ayrshire.

Mr. Keith A. Jenkins died 08 April 1975 aged 22. He died at Muizenberg, Cape Town in a road accident whilst on a sightseeing trip from City of Worcester. He joined the Company in September 1970 as an Engineer Cadet and had previously served on Dilkara.

Geoffrey A. Taylor died 18 April 1975 aged 18. He lost his life in a drowning accident off Orient Beach, East London. He joined the Company in June 1974 when he commenced his Phase 1 training at Plymouth. He previously served on Athenian and City of Lichfield.

Harry Crompton Jnr. died 28 April 1975 aged 26. He died at home after a short illness. He joined the Company in March 1966 as Assistant Purser and was promoted to Purser in November 1973. His father was home on leave at the time of his son’s death.

Colin M. Vallance died 24 March 1975 aged 33 as a result of an accident on Dilkara off Honolulu. He joined the Company in September 1973 and served continuously on Dilkara.

Capt. M. Stafford died 26 April 1975 aged 80. He joined E&P in January 1926 as 3/O on Egyptian, He was promoted to Master in July 1940 on Cressado. His early training was in sail. He retired 30 April 1959.

Capt. TL Vaughan died 14 March 1975 aged 80. He joined Hall Line in May 1921 as 2/O having previously sailed with them as an uncertificated 3/O. He was promoted to Chief Officer on Melford Hall in March 1922 and to Master in October 1946. His last command was City of Bristol and he retired in June 1961.

Capt. TB Davies died 07 April 1975 aged 64. He joined E&P as an Apprentice in August 1927 and was promoted to Chief Officer in March 1944 and to Master on Crosbian in September 1950. He retired in March 1971.

Commodore Ralph P. Longstaff, DSC, died 18 May 1975 following a short illness aged 78. He served his apprenticeship with City Line and joined them as a Junior Officer in September 1916. He was promoted to Master in May 1937 and subsequently Commodore of the Fleet in September 1961. While in command of City of Exeter (I) he was awarded the DSC in 1941 for his services during the evacuation of troops from Crete. He commanded City of Exeter (II) from March 1953 until his retirement in May 1962.