On Shore and Afloat - Volume 4 – No. 2 – December 1977

29th July 2016, 10:56
Dear All,

Hope some of the names below bring back memories.

On Shore and Afloat - Volume 4 – No. 2 – December 1977

Mr. IR Cooper, a former Chief Officer with the Company who joined City Line in September 1933 retired on 30 June 1977 aged 62 on reaching retirement age for Officers of the sea staff.

GH McKay retired 31 October 1977 aged 65. He joined Ellerman’s Wilson Line in 1932 as 3/O on the Trentino then commanded by Captain Thomas Bull. He joined the RNR as a Lieutenant on the outbreak of war in 1939. He served as Pilot for the assault forces in the Normandy landings, was severely wounded just after D-Day and spent two years in hospital. On release he was unable to continue his sea career and joined the Marine Department office staff in Hull where he remained until his retirement.

Ernest R. Beacock joined the Company on 31 May 1952 as 2/E. He was promoted to Chief Engineer on 27 February 1956 on City of Yokohama and retired on grounds of ill health of 31 July 1977. His last ship was City of Canberra in which he spent some time on relieving duties.

Capt. JG Goble died 23 September 1977 aged 82. He joined Westcott and Laurence Line as 2/O in October 1920. He was appointed Master in October 1938 and retired on 30 April 1961.