Lyle Shipping Co.

13th January 2008, 22:12
Hi everybody..
I'm looking for this "old" scottish company that was quite a big one.
I know that is no longer in activity, anyway do you know if there is a company that inherited its archives?
Thank you all

13th January 2008, 22:39
If you go to the National Archives search page at
there is a whole heap of references and documents to be seen,
either at the NA or if you have enough money, get copies of
everything .... Enter BT in the bottom box.. and Lyle Shipping in the top box.
Best Wishes, Raymond

14th January 2008, 02:33
They became Scottish Ship Management when they amalgamated with Hogarth's.
Web site
All sorts of info there about the ships and crews etc

14th January 2008, 10:45
Good reference for this company if you can get a copy.

From Cape to Cape: This History of Lyle Shipping (Hardcover)
by John Orbell (Author), Michael Moss (Author), Edwin Green (Author

14th January 2008, 11:59
Thanks to treeve and lakercapt for their links! I'll use them..

Good reference for this company if you can get a copy.
Thank you tacho.... I've just start reading this book!