29th April 2005, 07:27
Built 1960 by Simons-Lobnitz Ltd., Renfrew, Yard No. 1157, for Lyttelton Harbour Board.
1,896grt. 268' 0" x 49' 7" x 16' 10".
A Suction Hopper dredge, PERAKI was powered by a triple expansion 6Cy. 1700ihp steam engine, which she retained throughout her life with the Lyttelton Harbour Board.
Of a somewhat unusual design, she always attracted interest.
Kept immaculate, she didn't do much work in later years, but when she did, she was always remarkably efficient.
Sold to the Philippines, she was towed away in 2002/2003 (which?) for a new working life.
Can anyone give me an update on her?

29th April 2005, 08:54
Nice to see that pic of her.Always interested in her,I suppose because of the design.Funnily enough,a few days ago found this website with this pic of her
She hs been renamed ANGELITA IV and left under her own steam for the Philippines in 2001.

julian anstis
29th April 2005, 19:20
Of a similar design but somewhat older to Peraki is the old Bristol Dredger BD 10 (BD denoting Bristol Docks) belonging to The Port of Bristol Authority. BD 10 is a bucket dredger on continous conveyer through the stern emptying into a hopper amidships. Was still in use at least until the mid 60's.

30th April 2005, 02:32
Checked in Equasis and the last update for ANGELITA IV shows her still in service in April 2004. Her owners address is in Manila, so I assume she's in that area.
44 years old and still going - a tribute to her Clyde builders.

4th April 2013, 14:40
G'Day, just came across this:[email protected]/8265602506/in/photostream ,[email protected]/8228489685/in/photostream ,[email protected]/8229558930/in/photostream ,

9th April 2013, 17:32
These were known as "Boiler's in The Bow" suction Dredger's and were a Lobnitz design, depending when they were built some had four triple expansion engine's fitted. Port & Starboard main engine's either side of the suction ladder, the main suction pump which was athwartships in the Engineroom with a fully enclosed non-reverseable triple expansion to power it along with a smaller triple expansion which was mounted on top of the ladder which drove a long shaft down to a cutting head mounted in front of the suction head. Pump's would certainly be Weir's, two Scotch Boiler's. The Engineroom equipment was the same as the Shieldhall (depending when built).

14th April 2013, 14:04
Thanks Chadburn, the Kiwis had a couple of these, Peraki of course being the newest. I wish I'd seen her engineroom. Sadly, she's been dieselised going by the pics. Good to see that otherwise they haven't butchered her.

15th May 2013, 10:05
Files have been updated on Dredgepoint regarding the Peraki.