Hmp Weare

julian anstis
29th April 2005, 16:52
HMP WEARE was built in Sweden as an accomadation ship, taken over by the British Government in 1982 and used to house troops whilst the Falklands conflict was on. She was then purchased by the US Government and converted to a floating prison for use in New York. In 1997 she was re purchased from the U.S and piggybacked to Portland Harbour in Dorset to serve as an overflow for HMP Verne Portland, housing 400 catagory C offenders. Now at the end of her life she is shortly to be closed and the debate's have started as to her eventual fate. Sugestions so far include, towing her to the Thames to serve as temporary prison cells for the Metropolitan Police if a suitable berth could be found that did not contravene planning regulations and sinking her off the Dorset coast to form a reef. (As if Dorset needs another reef) cheap easy way out of disposing of it me thinks.
Reasons for closure have been stated as unsuitable for prisoners due to the lack of access to fresh air and natural daylight which causes prisoners to suffer headaches.