Put the Monkey Back On...!

17th January 2008, 16:23
Morse has all but disappeared now and in another few years people will have totally forgotten what it was all about.

Recently, over a small dram, I was musing over all of the different keying styles you came across - morse could be like handwriting where you can recognise certain styles, touches and personalities coming right out over the ether. Maybe you could even identify the sender's hand!

Taking another dram, I wondered if it would be poissible to put together, before it's too late, a gallery of short morse recordings by people in the Forum.

For example, An ex R/O makes a 1 or 2 minute morse code recording of his favourite poem, stores it to whatever format, uploads it to the "morse" gallery where it sits for others to look at - maybe when they've had a dram.

Now most of us ex R/Os still have a morse key?

So how would we go about it?

I bet it can't be done!

Unless you know a way?

[effects] Reaches for bottle


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K urgess
17th January 2008, 17:00
There's a small program called Morse Mail that will turn keying into a word document and then back to morse when pasted into the program window.

Word documents are too large so the text is best saved as a plain text file. The attached was 25kb in word and 1.1kb as plain text.

Unfortunately the link to the download site doesn't appear to work anymore.
I have a downloaded copy (about 300kb) if anyone wants it send me a PM with your email address and I'll send it to you. Quite safe, it's been on my machine for quite a while with no problems.

If you already have it and can listen to the attached I must stress that this was recorded using the left mouse button not a morse key. My morse is not usually that bad (I hope).[=P]

17th January 2008, 17:03
.-.. .- -. --. ..- .- --. . , - . -.. !!

Much harder to read it when printed isn't it.


17th January 2008, 17:18
.-.. .- -. --. ..- .- --. . , - . -.. !!

Much harder to read it when printed isn't it.


Cheeky sausage!

K urgess
18th January 2008, 00:40
Found the site that has the Morse Mail program for download


King Ratt
18th January 2008, 09:43

Try Winmorse2 at http://www.winmorse.com/

easy to use. I used it to convert QRJ into MP3 for my cellphone ringtone..Sad eh?


Rab T

18th January 2008, 15:31

Try Winmorse2 at http://www.winmorse.com/

easy to use. I used it to convert QRJ into MP3 for my cellphone ringtone..Sad eh?


Rab T

Thanks Rab!

Downloaded that and managed to make it send text at 20 wpm (whatever happened to 25 wpm?)

Have also tries the package Kindly provided by Fubar.

Of the two, Fubar's package meets the requirement to provide an example of the sender's personal "handle" and accent/dialect (if those are the right words) as you actually do the keying into the pc in your own hand. It even throws in some "noise" if that turns you on. I need to find a way of fitting my morse key to a usb plug to eliminate the "feel" drawback of using a mouse button.

The package from yourself is great as it translates, from typed in text, into morse and produces pretty nifty electronic morse at (up to) 20 wpm - plain language.
Obviously the morse produced is not as good as that which we used to send...but this is a very usable package as well.

Many Thanks to those who have helped so far.


18th January 2008, 15:43
Attached is a quick sample of winmorse 2 - if this is too slow I apologise!

King Ratt
18th January 2008, 15:53
Cheers Ted

I await AB7TB getting his method of key to USB sorted out.

Rab T

King Ratt
29th January 2008, 18:00
For Tedc: h/w another program for morse-goes up to 40 wpm.


Rab T


29th January 2008, 18:48
...ah! Morsic to my ears!

29th January 2008, 21:45
thanks king...........

i seem to have increased my receiving power by 20% or so............lol

Jim Moon
27th March 2008, 16:53
Ah, listening to GKA whilst on turn 20-odd, reading a paperback with a mug of tea in hand at the sametime - it's called "multi-tasking" nowadays........

Happy Daze....