Sietas Type 33 coasters

19th January 2008, 16:07
does anybody in here know of these ships? how many were built? what were the names of them? i just got 3 books bought for my birthday about coasters and i really quite like the type 33. very attractive vessels i must say. can anyone help me with this?

19th January 2008, 17:53
During what period were they build, and what size?
Well, one could buy a book about the Sietas yard.
Honestly they won't be listed anyplace as Type 33 really.
I am rather familiar with Sietas and couldn't say which is which without a picture posted..

If you know the yard number of at least one and the particulars you could go on to Miramar and do a query by "Builder" then you'd have to sift through to sort all type 33's out of the list.

I googled it :)

Seems like I might have been on one.( actually was fore runner, either type 30 or 31) Over 20 built. around 1200 tdw 1300hp and 12.5 knots. build around 1968, shelterdecker, raised bridge and foc'sle.
These values will vary with individual ships.
here a few pictures:

Scroll down to "ALVA"

19th January 2008, 19:21
This here might be another one:

19th January 2008, 19:34
In the late sixties I worked with three of these vessels. "Frieda Graebe" captain Willi Broszka, "Siegerland" owner Otto Albers, and captain Fritz Scultze, and "Hannes Knuppel" owner Hans Herman Knuppel and captain Ulrich Schultz this vessel was later renamed "Kora". They were on the unit load run between Weston Point and Dublin. I was manager at the Weston Point end.

19th January 2008, 23:36
yes the ALVA is a type 33. this is proving rather difficult(Cloud)

20th January 2008, 02:10
yes the ALVA is a type 33. this is proving rather difficult(Cloud)

Not that difficult if you go to Miramar and do a builder search.
They all will be 60' and they all will be almost the same.
And there shouldn't be more than 24 or so.

20th January 2008, 22:23
found out that there is 30 of them. as to if they still exist i have yet to find out.(Thumb)

21st January 2008, 01:51
Cool beans, progress (Thumb)

21st January 2008, 02:05
found that most are still around. in the main they seem to be around greece. suprise suprise!(==D)

Barry Man
8th February 2008, 00:20
Have you come across the magazine called "Coastal Shipping"? There is an article about this class and a full list of all the Type 33 ships in the Spring 1996 issue.

9th February 2008, 22:29
i want a copy of this mag, but i cant find one any place. any ideas?

Barry Man
10th February 2008, 14:38
Have you tried his website?

It is

I think you can contact the magazine direct through this website.

26th October 2014, 09:25
Nordica you are correct on this statement, most of this coasters fate was from north europe to Greece and then to Syrians, Egyptians, others.