20th January 2008, 09:33
Does anyone remember Vince Macnearny (I don't know if that's the right spelling) who I met when I was 3/E on "Atlantic Causeway" and "Atlantic Conveyor". He was an AB from Liverpool. The reason I'm asking is because his brother used to live in Stamford Bridge (where I live) and in conversation one day, in our 'local', he asked if I'd ever bumped into his brother and mentioned Vince. He was quite astonished to discover that not only did I know Vince I'd also sailed with him!! Vince has since died and John, his brother, (who has moved back to Liverpool) has asked, via his son who still lives here, if I have any photo's with Vince on them. Unfortunately I don't so I was just wondering if there is anyone, on SN, has any anecdotes about Vince and, even better, maybe a photo of him. Many thanks, Phil Roe, ex-Brock's/ACL(Hippy)