A Farewell to the Erskine Buoy

14th August 2016, 16:05
Below is a piece of poetry that I have came across. Believe it is attributed to Captain P.G.Young but might be wrong. Attached is the original typed up version. Last paragraph pencilled in.

O, Erskine Buoy, you've had your day
We don't need you any more.
They've gone and ripped your anchors up
and landed you ashore.

They've sucked a Channel through your lair
and surveyed, swept and cleared.
IALA pairs now mark the way
across the paths we've steered.

Like Burns Mouse in straw clad house
you kept a low projection.
Your might was in your feeble light
position and direction.

North Float adrift in current swift
and Tikus in subsidence.
A rain cloud spread 'cross Muka Head
we looked to you for guidance.

Draft and clearance, helm and pitch
mud and higher suctions.
These set the pace just by your place
with trim and squat deductions.

On twin screw "Glen" with Sollied men
to make the tea space greater.
Then pass you by with homeward sigh
to face the buildings later.

The best Far-Eastern schedule kept
by Holt's steam-turbined "P".
Your lantern built to mark the silt
and guide her to the sea.

There's no hand-outs for you, my Buoy!
you've caught the scrapman's eye
They've crossed your symbol off the chart
so Erskine Friend - Good Bye.

Your heaving, weathered frame - now still
your lamp, It's flame extinct.
Your symbol bold through years untold
Expunged from chart and print.

15th August 2016, 09:10
Sad isn't it - so many have gone the same way as EB. Maybe we should start an Old Buoy's Club?
Thanks for the poem.