City of Hull (II)

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Crew Lists Ė City of Hull (II)
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Brief History
Launched 27 November 1970
Completed April 1971
Builders Robb Caledon SBs Ltd., Dundee
Engined Doxford & Sunderland Ltd., Sunderland
Engine Details Single acting 2 stroke 7 cylinder Doxford oil fired engine
TEU 248
Sisters C/o London (VI), C/o Liverpool (II)

She was the last cargo liner built to an Ellerman design
First Master was NB Airey
First Chief Engineer R. Drew; NM Rattray had stood by her building
19 May 1971 Commenced maiden voyage on the Ellerman-Strick service to Persian Gulf
05 April 1974 first visited Hull
1980 sold to Waveney Shipping Corp., Liberia. Greek owned; associated with City Maritime Ltd., London
Renamed St. John
1982 sold to Jorama Cia. Naviera SA, Piraeus, Greece
Renamed Seagull
1983 repaired at Durban after stranding
1984 sold to Best Maritime SA, Piraeus, Greece
Renamed Sea Lady
1988 sold by auction at Cyprus
Still listed in Lloydís Register for 1993
1995 renamed Magdalena
28 August 1996 arrived at Alang for breaking up

European Staff On Board: 01 March 1971 (Building)
Chief Officer: AJ Evans
Ch. Engineer: NM Rattray
2nd Engineer: AH Brown
3rd Engineer: R. Alston
4th Engineer: KC Murfitt

European Staff On Board: 08 December 1971
Master: JI Owen
Chief Officer: JR Welsh
2nd Officer: CK Nelson
3rd Officer: G. Roberts
Navigating Cadets: J. Smith, G. Gordon
Radio Officer: A. Cruden
Ch. Engineer: G. McDonald
2nd Engineer: J. Bates
3rd Engineer: T. Drain
4th Engineer: AYK Munn
Extra 4th Engineer: V. Evans
Junior Engineer: IE MacMillan
Engineer Cadets: GM Ames, M. Holliday
1st Electrician: HP Tschopp, JT Lightowler
Purser / Ch. Steward: T. Shuttleworth
Purserís Assistant: GJ Mair

European Staff On Board: 04 April 1972
Master: NA Perry
Chief Officer: PG Weldon
2nd Officer: J. Pearsall
3rd Officer: CP Wake
Navigating Cadets: C. Dowty, A. Booth
Radio Officer: DSM Spence
Ch. Engineer: R. Drew
2nd Engineer: J. Bates
3rd Engineer: T. Drain
Extra 3rd Engineer: R. Broadbent
4th Engineer: WJ Fell
Junior Engineer: J. Folker
Engineer Cadets: M. Holliday, A. Trueman
1st Electrician: GS Gray
2nd Electrician: PS Smith
Purser / Ch. Steward: GE Belcher
Purserís Assistant: G. Mair

European Staff On Board: 25 April 1973
Master: NA Perry
Chief Officer: PG Weldon
2nd Officer: JT Bennett
3rd Officer: AWG Hammond
Navigating Cadets: J. Perera, D. Harris
Radio Officer: M. Jones
Ch. Engineer: R. Drew
2nd Engineer: S. Rosseter
Junior 2nd Engineer: G. Cowan
3rd Engineer: J. Portelli
4th Engineer: J. Brown
Junior Engineer: M. Dunwoody
1st Electrician: G. Gray
Purser / Ch. Steward: J. Dell
Purserís Assistant: C. Hogg

European Staff On Board: 13 September 1973 to 10 December 1973
Master: FC Smith then NA Perry
Chief Officer: PE Harewood then Paul Weldon
2nd Officer: GG MacLeod then V. Sarawagi
3rd Officer: Andy Hammond then Keith Moger
Navigating Cadets: Mike Kinnear and JCL Perera
Radio Officer: EB Glennie
Ch. Engineer: M. Harrison then Eric Pretty
2nd Engineer: S. Topping then R. Broadbent
3rd Engineer: DJ John, D. Corris, J. Portelli
4th Engineer: R. Simpson, A. Browne
Junior Engineer: R. Golder, S. Thompson
Engineer Cadets: L. Jorgensen and J. Haugh then J. Arkle and R. Rodgers
1st Electrician: T. Cash then G. Gray
2nd Electrician: S. Murdoch then Dougall
Purser / Ch. Steward: F. Shuttleworth then JE Dell
Purserís Assistant: J. Smith then L. Robinson

European Staff On Board: 19 July 1975 to 12 August 1975
Chief Officer: A. Suddaby