City of Ipswich (I)

19th August 2016, 02:50
Crew Lists City of Ipswich (I)
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Brief History
Launched (Floated Out) 09 May 1979
Completed July 1979
Builders Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd., Appledore
Engined Doxford Engines Ltd., Sunderland
Engine Details Single acting 2 stroke 3 cylinder Doxford oil engine
Sisters City of Plymouth (I), City of Perth (VI), City of Oxford (V), City of Hartlepool (I)
TEU 300
First Master was P. Bishop
1981 chartered by Manchester Liners
Renamed Manchester Fulmar
1983 Renamed City of Ipswich
1984 Renamed Liverpool Star
1987 Owned by Cunard-Ellerman
1991 Renamed City of Ipswich
1991 Renamed Pelmariner
26 July 1999 was in collision in position 39 48N 025 51E and lost

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