Mirna M

julian anstis
3rd May 2005, 00:09
MIRNA M -ex- STEENDIEK built 1957 at Hamburg 941tns.
seen here in the Aegean Sea 2004.
photo P.W.Hobday.

3rd May 2005, 10:45
Well, this is an interesting one. On checking my LR of 1972-73, I come across two STEENDIEK's - both built in 1957 and both from the same yard, Schiffsw. A. Pahl, of Hamburg. Both were identical - give or take an inch or so.
The first was launched as STEENDIEK, but completed as MARTITA. In 1972, she was sailing as CAPITAINE TASMAN (French flag).
The second was completed in October 1957 and remained as STEENDIEK until 1963 when she was sold. In 1972, she was sailing as LAXFOSS (Icelandic flag).
A check of Equasis finds MIRNA M under the Honduras flag, but I was unable to unearth any details of her past history. She is still in service as a livestock carrier - as evidenced by the photo.
The question is: Which STEENDIEK was she?

julian anstis
3rd May 2005, 11:06
I will leave that to ...."They that have greater knowledge than I"....maybe it's time to call in.....Supertanker and his nautical knowledge....and see if he can throw some light on the subject.
I take it that strange hatch configuration would be methane vents/fresh air inputs then. Makes sense now......could'nt figure out what that was untill you mentioned cattle.
Thanks for the additonal info.....a few more pieces in the jigsaw.

julian anstis
3rd May 2005, 15:04
Now I would have thought that out in that heat and with all that spare methane going to waste someone would have re-directed it back to the main engine, or at least run a genny off of it. .....waste not ...want not

3rd May 2005, 15:50
Hi friends
MIRNA M ,Pahl built 1957 as STEENDIEK,convert gen.cargo 1977 to livestock carrier.

4th May 2005, 10:05
Thanks GP, but can you identify which STEENDIEK she was? See my earlier Post above.

4th May 2005, 11:02
IMO n.5248968 ,STEENDIEK -MARTITA 60-NEMOURS 71-CAPITAINE TASMAN 76-TASMAN DERTIEN 77-thene EL CINCO and now MIRNA M.(conv 77 in livestock)

4th May 2005, 11:06
Mystery solved! Thanks GP :)

4th May 2005, 12:24
A photo of the MIRNA M in a previous life as CAPITAINE TASMAN.
Photo from my collection.

julian anstis
4th May 2005, 15:02
Mystery solved........thanks guys for the contributions (Applause)