find work as ship cook / 2nd cook in the merchant navy

22nd August 2016, 17:24
good afternoon all, i'm struggling to find job oppurtunities as ship's cook in the merchant navy, or any other vessels (exept cruise)

somebody can help? i just need contact details of catering crewing agencies, and some advice on how to find job in this sector

i have all the certificates i need including MCA ship's cook Coc

thanks for your kind help

best regards

22nd August 2016, 18:06
Try Clyde Marine Recruitment, but not a lot around at the moment, RFA may be another possibility.

john blythe
16th October 2016, 23:27
I would say one of your best hope is the RFA. Or the Viking recruitment they were always good. Hope this helps good luck.

Ray Mac
17th October 2016, 09:13
RFA maybe, must be British passport holder. Viking cruise vessels?, must have either 4/5 star hotel experience or similar restaurant experience.

Best of luck.

17th October 2016, 11:33
RFA are only accepting Chef Apprentices at the moment. You'll find a lot more by looking at the RFA website, its a sub section of the Royal Navy website. or/and ring this number for further information. 0345 604 0520.