4th May 2005, 04:50
Another "H" boat.

23rd July 2005, 20:11
Afraid I can't help you there, but here is a picture of a miniature I built of HAURAKI some years ago (No longer in my possession)!

John Rogers
23rd July 2005, 20:17
If I had the space/room and the money I would be surrounded in models like that. I guess I have to settle for the two legged kind.
Dreaming again Sooo Solly.

William Macpherson
23rd July 2005, 21:53
Another "H" boat.
I was on the RIMUTAKA, NZSC Am a member of the NZSC Association

14th August 2005, 16:36
Another bit of information about MV Hauraki. The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Godalming has two Sanctus bells - one in the bellcote at the south east corner of the spire, the other, the M.V. HAURAKI'S ship's bell (1947) is in the south transept.

Is that Godalming, Surrey? That is also the birthplace of Jack Phillips, Chief Wireless Operator of the Titanic. Many references on the internet and also memorialised in Godalming.

John T.

Kenneth Morley
22nd September 2005, 01:38
S.O.S., Yesterday Wednsday 21 I read about a new ferry coming to New Zealand however today I cannot find can anybody help. Kenneth Thanks

4th April 2006, 18:37
http:// Here are some photos of Hauraki taken at Bluff NZ, opening of the new meat loader 1963 (conveyor belt ) Torchy.

5th April 2006, 03:20
Absolutely splendid pictures.
Thanks for sharing them Torchy.

Graham Kellaway
10th April 2007, 08:52
Aaaaattt last !! Finally figured out the scanner so here's another couple of shots of Hauraki in 63 at the grand opening.

11th April 2007, 01:26
They are great shots of a mighty "H" Class boat!

15th June 2013, 23:43
They are great shots of a mighty "H" Class boat!

She was some party ship too.
I sailed on her voyage 31 from April to August 1969.
We came back from NZ around Cape Horn.
I think the company wanted to save some money and the rate for transiting the Panama Canal had just been increased, so they wanted to see if the extra fuel cost would offset the increase in canal fees. I guess it didn't, because, to best of my recollection, they didn't repeat it. That was the longest sea voyage I ever took without pulling into port: Wellington - Las Palmas (bunker for Dunkirk) July 8th to August 5th = 10,077 miles at 14.73 knots. I still have the map the 2nd mate created.