Anatolian pre City of Durham

27th August 2016, 11:37
Crew Lists – Anatolian pre City of Durham
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Brief History
Launched 21 June 1955
Completed November 1955
Builders William Gray & Co., West Hartlepool
Engined Central Marine Engine Works
Engine Details Triple expansion + LP turbine DR geared with hydraulic coupling
Sisters Castilian (pre City of Peterborough (I)), Lancastrian (pre C/o Leicester (II)), Almerian (pre City of Leeds I))
1963 renamed City of Durham for Hall Line’s Indian service
1964 reverted to Anatolian
April 1966 chartered by Cunard for their Liverpool to Chicago service
Renamed Ascania
September 1966 reverted to Anatolian
1968 chartered by Cunard
Renamed Ascania
1968 reverted to Anatolian
11 December 1968 sold to Gulf Shipping Corporation, Cyprus with MJ Lemos & Co. of London as Agents
Renamed Agia Sophia
1970 owned by Wavecrest Shipping Co., Famagusta
1971 renamed Fulka by Millwala & Sons (England) Ltd., London with Pakistani Owners
1974 renamed Khalid for Arabian Gulf Trading Co., Sharjah and was the first ship to fly the Sharjah ensign
1975 sold to Sharjah Shipping Co. Ltd., Sharjah
Renamed Gulf Unity
1977 owned by Gulf Shipping Lines
19 February 1978 at Gadani Beach for breaking up

European Officers and POs On Board: 25 June 1968
Master: R. Pedley
Chief Officer: GK Smith
2nd Officer: DJ Williams
3rd Officer: MJ Main
Radio Officer: M. Holdridge
Ch. Engineer: RC Griffiths
2nd Engineer: D. Low
3rd Engineer: WA McGrath
4th Engineer: P. Ramsay
5th Engineer: R. Rabone
Ch. Steward: JD Bullogh
Bosun: D. Green
Carpenter: R. Crago