Sorrento pre City of Sparta

27th August 2016, 11:38
Crew Lists Sorrento pre City of Sparta
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Brief History
Launched 24 May 1967
Completed August 1967
Builders Henry Robb Ltd., Leith
Engined Mirrlees National Ltd., Stockport
Engine Details Single acting 4 stroke 6 cylinder Mirrlees oil fired engine
Sisters Salmo (pre City of Athens (IV)), Salerno (pre City of Corinth (VI))
Similar Silvio (pre City of Patras (I)), Sangro (pre City of Ankara (I))

Originally named Sorrento, the third ship to be named thus
She was the second of the S class
As an economy Mirrlees built 9 identical interchangeable engines for this class and Spero
1973 sold to Ellerman Lines Ltd., London with Ellerman City Liners as Managers
24 January 1973 handed over
23 September 1974 renamed City of Sparta
1977 sold to Gracechurch Line Shipping Ltd., Edinburgh with Christian Salvesen (Shipping) Ltd. As Managers
25th October 1977 handed over at Jarrow on Tyne
Renamed Gracechurch
1983 sold to Ellerman Lines PLC, Gibraltar
Renamed Waybridge
1983 resold to Protac Shipping Ltd., Gibraltar, name unchanged, with Seaway S.A.M., Monte Carlo as Managers
1986 sold to Sinbad Maritime Ltd., Valletta
Renamed Five Stars
1989 transferred to St. Vincent and Grenadines flag
1992 sold to Shahmir Maritime Ltd., Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines
Renamed Sea Princess
1997 renamed Albatross
2000 renamed Al Marjan
2007 Owned by Shamir Marine of UAE, and operated by Biyat International under the Comoros flag with a crew off 22
17 October 2007 hijacked by Somali Pirates when on passage from Dubai to Mogadishu
02 December 2007 released off the coast of Somalia where it received assistance from USS Whidbey Island
27 January 2010 caught fire in Mogadishu and sank at her moorings whilst smuggling charcoal from Somalia to Oman

European Officers and POs On Board: 25 April 1973
Master: GG Needham
Chief Officer: MW Salisbury
2nd Officer: IC Gibson
3rd Officer: PG Tennant
Ch. Engineer: SS Butlin
2nd Engineer: RA Donaldson
3rd Engineer: S. Beveridge
Ch. Steward: R. Sutton