Tua pre City of Florence

27th August 2016, 11:59
Crew Lists – Tua pre City of Florence
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Brief History
Launched 18 August 1970
Completed November 1970
Builders A.Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle
Engined NV Werkspoor, Amsterdam
Engine Details Single acting 4 stroke 6 cylinder single reduction geared engine to controllable pitch propeller
TEU 124
Sisters Minho (City of Milan (II)), Tagus (City of Lisbon (I)), Tamega (City of Genoa (II)), Tormes (City of Oporto (I)), Tiber (City of Naples (II)), Tronto (City of La Spezia (I)), Mondego (City of Venice (IV))

She was one of the Hustler class of 17 of which 15 were built in the Netherlands and 2 in Spain, owned by Sea Containers Inc., New York; proprietor JB Sherwood and placed on demise charter with Ellerman & Papayanni, General Steam Nav. Co., and Currie
When full containerisation came to Ellerman’s Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean services in 1970, eight “Hustler” class container ships were chartered from Sea Containers Ltd. At first they were given names of rivers
First Master was FRP Patten
First Chief Engineer was T. MacGrath
1974 renamed City of Florence
1978 the delivery of the five ships of the larger and faster C/o Plymouth class released the eight Hustler class which all came off charter contract; they were released back to Sea Containers Inc. As each charter contract ended, although the Owners took back the unexpired portions of some
1982 Renamed Hustler Fal by Sea Containers Inc. in Manchester
Laid up at Manchester.
1984 sold by Sea Containers Ltd. to Seaco Holdings Ltd., Cyprus
Renamed Confrigo 1 in April 1984 in Manchester
1984 renamed Confrigo 1
1989 renamed Lorelei
1991 renamed Halcon Del Mar
Was in Port of Spain on 19 November 2015

European Officers and POs On Board: 01 March 1971
Master: D. Finlayson
Chief Officer: RM Carney
2nd Officer: J. Kearon
Ch. Engineer: S. Kettley
2nd Engineer: PJ Archer
3rd Engineer: P. Connor
Bosun: R. Gray
Cook / Steward: K. Whitehead

European Officers and POs On Board: 30 December 1971
Master: R. Liversidge
Chief Officer: J. McNab
2nd Officer: W. Matthews
Ch. Engineer: K. Ritchie
2nd Engineer: FR Davies
3rd Engineer: A. McVey
Bosun: R. Smith
Cook / Steward: K. Whitehead

European Officers and POs On Board: 04 April 1972
Master: RL Pedley
Chief Officer: J. Nichols
2nd Officer: W. Oxford
Acting Ch. Engineer: K. Hynes
2nd Engineer: H. Chapman
3rd Engineer: P. Connor
Bosun: G. Dominey
Cook / Steward: J. McGowan

European Officers and POs On Board: 25 April 1973
Master: J. Irvin
Chief Officer: K. Steven
2nd Officer: E. Skea
Ch. Engineer: IB Goldie
2nd Engineer: TC Little
3rd Engineer: P. Mahon
Cook / Steward: A. Davies

European Staff On Board: 02 September 1981 to 01 October 1981
Master: EG George
Chief Officer: W. Nightingale
2nd Officer: Mike Kinnear
Ch. Engineer: Dave Pullen then Eric Pretty
2nd Engineer: G. Morrison then A. MacKay
3rd Engineer: Alan Hart then Mickey Stewart
Engineer Cadets: A. Butt, M. Aitchison

European Staff On Board: 24 August 1982 to September 1982
Master: FRP Patten
Chief Officer: GM Railson
2nd Officer: Mike Kinnear
Ch. Engineer: R. Keedwell
2nd Engineer: A. MacKay
3rd Engineer: Alan Hart