Scotts' of Greenock built Elder Dempster ships

1st February 2008, 20:37
As having served my eng. app. at Scotts' I am interested in any anecdotes or stories re Scotts' ships built for ED ships. Were they as good as we boasted!
Ebani was just being completed when I started my app., and took my girl friend (now wife) to see the launch of the Patani which had been delayed until Sat. due to bad weathger earlier. (Cheap day out!)
Recall being overtaken at a great speed of knots by the Egori when we were plodding up the Schelde to Antwerp on Brocklebank's Maihar.

1st February 2008, 21:42
Well, Jim they certainly lasted and gave sterling service.

I suppose that you made the comment,"I helped build that ship!" and everyone just sort of hoo hahed!

Was the Myrmidon the last vessel built at Scotts' for BF/Ocean Fleets? The difference between the British and Japanese "M"s was very noticeable in the ER. The Brits were very well laid out with more than average space to do maintenance. The Japanese vessels seemed rather cramped by comparison.

The last "M"s were very good vessels though, they had a flume tank to control roll which worked very well. Plus, even though most of the cargo was containers, you could still get a quasi "China Boat" run on the Blue Sea service.


1st February 2008, 22:52
Actually they did say just that when the Egori passed us!
She looked great too, she had the same hull as the Eboe/Ebani but diff. superstructure as you know.

double acting
30th November 2008, 16:34
Didn't at least one of the E series have the fore deck strenghtened and a ring mounted in order to take a 4inch gun if required?

ed glover
1st December 2008, 00:33
Joined the M.V.Dalla in the fitting out basin my first trip she was a good ship. sailed on the Pegu same class.

Ed Glover
Controlled drifting

6th October 2009, 09:57
Sailed on the "Dalla" in 1970, East coast USA over to west coast of Africa.

I found a photo of us deck & engineers sitting outside at the bar window