Fuji Processing in the UK

2nd February 2008, 22:55
Anybody using process paid slide film from Fuji, and their UK processing lab should be aware that they now NO LONGER will accept film for processing that has been pushed (ie) used at a different ASA rating than that indicated on the box/canister.

They have kept very quiet about this change in their operation; I am now taking it up with their senior management as I have about 17 rolls of 200 ASA film that I exposed at 400ASA, which is going to cost me an extra 100 approx to have processed.

Watch this space !

4th February 2008, 09:48
Thank you for that info.

I wonder if that goes to all films. I had made the odd mistake of changing setting in the middle of a roll or had I set wrongly at first will they penalise us for our mistakes

6th February 2008, 13:01
Regarding Fuji slide processing has anybody else found the quality of the processing to be very poor. I sent off 14 slide films in September last year and about 3 of them came back with scratches, black marks and even finger prints on them so their quality control appears to now be non existant. By the nature of the scratches I am sure these could not have been caused in my camera and indeed the other 11 films had no scratches.
If they want people to go digital and not use their slide film they would appear to be doing a very successful job.