Canon Equipment

4th February 2008, 07:11
If you are contemplating buying any Canon stuff then it is worth checking their e-bay outlet before you buy.
I came across it when I was looking for a new SLR camera and eventually got an EOS-400D for 285(Thumb) They normally sell for around 400 or above.
They sell refurbished items but my camera was like new.

This is how they describe "refurbished"
Types of Products Sold
(Refurbished / New)
The products sold on eBay are either classified as "new" or "refurbished" (see the beginning of this item description).

Refurbished products are 100% OK and therefore we can offer them with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. There is nothing wrong with these products! All refurbished products are sealed with an authentic Canon seal!

We just can't sell a refurbished item as new because...

- was used as demo product (at trade fairs etc.), or

- ...the outside carton box was slightly damaged during transportation (and then replaced by a neutral brown packaging), or

- was sold and the box was opened. Then the item got returned to Canon.

Upon return to our facility, a product of this type is put through a full set of functional test procedures, cleaned, repaired (if needed), and refreshed with a set of in-box materials (manuals, accessories, cables...) and sealed. The packaging of the product may either be the original Canon packaging or a neutral (brown) packaging. The core product itself may (exceptionally) contain minor cosmetic blemishes. Please contact us regarding product issues before leaving negative feedback on eBay - Thank you!

Certainly worth a look if you know what you want.
I believe HP might also have an outlet on e-bay.

4th February 2008, 09:40
They're not actually part of the Canon company but a company that has the (U.K.) contract to resell Canon UK's returns. I've heard good and bad from them, but with their volume of turnover, you'll always get some bad.


8th February 2008, 08:50
i bought a Canon A640 from them as backup to my 400D - it was a good price and a top notch product.

Gareth Jones
8th February 2008, 16:03
Some years ago I looked at refurbishing colour TV's which were quite expensive in those days -
To simply repair faulty equipment to good working order is not enough.
To be legally called refurbished, every single component had to be tested and shown to be within original spec. i.e. hundreds of tiny components would have to be taken out of circuit tested and replaced. quite impossible!
Yet until fairly recently one could still see ads for refurbished TV's in trade magazines !