Eden Tankers

7th February 2008, 16:20
I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of the stack marking and colours (i.e. hull, deck) of the Eden tanker fleet. I am most interested in the Edenfield that later became the laker Northern Venture.

Thanks alot

8th February 2008, 03:42

Black hull, red bootopping, black decks, grey tanklids and pipelines, white superstructure.
Funnel black with company colours (seven horizontal red bands, six horizontal white bands with a seven pointed blue star).
Masts and samson posts were a light brown "mast colour"
Engine room ventilators were black.
Owners were Hunting and Son Ltd of Newcastle upon Tyne.

I was an apprentice on the Edenfield in 1955/1956.



11th February 2008, 21:56
That's perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks alot for the great detail.

18th January 2015, 13:19
My last ship was the Dalhanna Hunttings I was 2nd stwd from August till
September 1968 came ashore .Happy times