Dallington Court

9th February 2008, 15:48
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9th February 2008, 18:32
I wonder if anyone has any information about Dallington Court after she was sold to Cia Nav. Punta Arenas S.A. Panama and renamed Irene (https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/guides/Irene) in 1950. If you have, can you send me a PM as could then have a near enough complete life history.


7th December 2008, 12:25
I am Fred Knaggs son in law. Fred served on Dallington Court and features in a couple of the posted photos. Fred recently died and was cremated on 4 Dec. I have Freds papers including a letter from Stan Mayes (? signed Chick) dated 22 Sept 03. I would love to be able to put dates on Freds time on this (and all the others) ship.

7th December 2008, 14:39
Hi Geoff,

First of all my condolences to you and Fred Knaggs family.

Stan Mayes is a long-standing member of this site and I am sure will read this shortly - he provided me with most of the information about Dallington Court used on the site.

If there is anything about the ship in Fred's papers I would be very interested in seeing them - I will send you a Private Message with my email address in it after completing this note. In fact I would be interested in any of Fred's papers relating to his time at sea.

I have added a couple of photos from Stan here recently which you may find of interest: http://benjidog.co.uk/Court/index_files/Page1181.htm

stan mayes
7th December 2008, 18:21
Hello Geoff
I am very sorry to learn of the passing of Fred -a good pal and shipmate since 1940 -though we didn't sail together until 1946.
My condolences to his family and yourself in your sad loss..
I have been trying to contact Fred through letters to his pal Bill Hutchinson but I was recently informed that Bill has also sadly passed away..
I was known as Chick when I lived in Grays..born in Argent Street and lived in York Road and Hampden Road..
I have a list of Fred's ships and will check it..I do remember that he was in the tanker Toorak when sunk by a U boat..
It would be kind of you if you can help Brian regarding Fred's sea career.

11th December 2008, 08:40
Thanks for your kind words. I have supplied a list of some 29 ships to Brian who is posting them on his site. I consolidated 3 or 4 lists which Fred had and I am sure your input was there. If you could help with dates for each ship that would be great

Peter Benson
23rd December 2008, 16:19
Sorry to read of your loss. I Understand from Stan, who I saw at the beginning of this month that my father, Peter Benson was a shipmates with Fred. We saw Fred's picture in a book about Thurrock and thats when Stan told me who he was and that they were shipmates.

I have a list of the ships my father was on if it helps, if so send me a PM.

Not many of Dad's shipmates left now, the few that I know I am in contact with.

23rd December 2008, 18:18
Anyone who is interested can see the finished article about Fred Knaggs here: http://www.benjidog.co.uk/Recollections/index_files/Page358.htm