Nigel Wing
20th September 2016, 17:24
I joined mv Kildare at Rotterdam, during September 1977. She had previously suffered a complete blackout and total loss of power/ propulsion and was towed into Singapore.

Does anyone remember this incident.

My trip on her was marred by frequent call outs at night due to blackouts, caused by exciter failures due to sheared plastic coupling inserts, also the exhaust gas temperature probes would shake themselves to destruction, thus causing more alternator shutdowns.

Not the best of trips, for this and various other reasons.

1st November 2016, 20:53
Hi Nigel,

Having read this I realise how lucky I was back in 1973. I had arranged to have my wife with me and I was put on the Talamba for a trip from Le Harve down to Gabon, back to Le Harve and then Lisnave for drydock. That trip was a nightmare like yours, eight weeks working seven days a week.

When we got to Lisnave I was told that I was going to transfer to the Lauderdale via Heathrow. That then got changed to the Jedforest, on arriving at Heathrow I was asked to phone the office and was told that as I had my wife with me, we were going to join the Ardvar in Rotterdam. I later found out that there had been an incident on the Jedforest involving the C/E, the Lecky and the Lecky's wife. This had stopped me joining the Jedforest and from what you have said I had a lucky escape.

13th July 2017, 03:32
No I was not on her in the seventies. I was on board her after she was sold around 1988 on bareboat charter to P&O. As 3/O. Had an exhaust gas boiler fire. Don't have many 11 hatchers anymore.