Scanning old negs

Ian b
10th February 2008, 21:00
I have many photos from my days at sea. However, my memory is getting a bit dim these days, and I'm having difficulty remembering the routes of the trips that I did. As I have all the negatives still, I was trying to figure out a cheap and easy way of scanning them, because I know they will be in order.

10th February 2008, 22:34
Cheapest way is probably to buy a scanner and do them yourself. I believe you can get them done commercially but expect this would be quite expensive.
There is another thread here where you could get some useful information.

16th February 2008, 18:11
I bought an HP Scanjet 4890 on EBAY for about $150.00, it will scan 16 slides at a time.

16th February 2008, 18:29
My local photo processor shop will put 36 negs/photos on a CD for less than a fiver, for comparison. Depends how much you want to do, altogether, also there is the advantage of having the whole process done overnight for you, with no hassle.