m/v White Crest, Hall Bros, Newcastle.

16th February 2008, 20:44
In April 1973 I joined White Crest at Boston Lincs as EDH. She was reg'd in Newcastle, owned by Hall Bros according to my Disch Book.
Does anyone have any further info about this ship? I've been trying to find a photo of her - no trace. What happened to her? Has anyone else sailed in her? I remember her as a right comfy little ship and a decnt crew as well.
The cook was a wee geordie who was a right character, he disappeared ashore somewhere (was gone for 2 days) and left a pan of hard boiled eggs on the stove for the rest of us. The bosun, a massive bloke from Goole, called George Green, bust into the fridge and cooked a chicken for himself if I remember rightly. Ah, the good old days.

Locking Splice
17th February 2008, 09:35
Hi Colgrace,

Never sailed in her, but an old friend of mine was Bosun on her for a time Bob Swan from Dover and another good friend Cockney Peter Randall was also on her as AB at the same time. They were running into Dunkirk regulary, think it was to the Med or somewhere close. They all said she was a good little number.
Best Regards


Locking Splice
17th February 2008, 09:36
Hi Golgrace,

Sorry forgot to mention that was in the early 70's as well.

12th September 2008, 18:12
O.N. 337371. 1,581g. 984n. 262.3 x 39.4 x 23.0
8-cyl. 4 S. C. S. A. (320 x 450mm) Mak 8M451AK type engine made by Atlas-MaK Maschinenbau GmbH, Kiel. 1,600 BHP. 12kts.
19.5.1971: Launched by N. V. Scheepswerf Gebruder Van Diepen, Waterhuizen (Yard No. 998), for Hall Brothers Steamship Company Ltd., Newcastle. 12.8.1971: Registered at Newcastle. 8.1971: Completed. 18.9.1972: Chartered to Prince Line Ltd., and renamed BRITISH PRINCE. 24.5.1973: Renamed WHITE CREST. 15.8.1979: British registry closed - sold to Agenzia Maritima Aliboni Srl, Italy, and renamed VAGERO.

13th September 2008, 00:47
Pic of Bretwalda here
Identical sister ship to White Crest
Sailed on both as Mate between 1976 and 1978 inclusive all Medi runs sometimes on Prince Line Charters others for Owners
Sorry no pic White Crest only Bretwalda but only name different

john dodd
27th May 2009, 17:15
I joined the White Crest as A.B. in Newport in '73, a few days later we changed the name to British Prince, and did atrip to the meddy. loaded in cyprus for london. john dodd.