David Jardine-Smith

20th February 2008, 16:35
David Jardine-Smith and I used to work together in HM Coastguard(MCA) during the late 80's and 90's. I am sure he said that he was a Bank Line Cadet/Deck Officer before joining the MCA. Anyway for those who are interested I read that he is now of Head of SAR within the MCA. Congratulations!

20th February 2008, 16:39
We were at Riversdale together, late 70's. Good for him.

11th June 2008, 13:17
I believe he is no longer with the MCA.

20th June 2008, 13:20
gadgee, at this point he still has 60 days left with the MCA (yes, he is counting down the days) then he retires
oh, btw, I'm his son, I was googling his name to see what came up and I found you guys.

22nd August 2008, 00:07
Please pass on my regards. Used to work with him at TyneTees MRSC. His retirement date must be about now? Will send you a PM.

Kevin Todd
25th February 2014, 14:15
Was browsing "Ships Nostalgia" (Thread: Bank Line Forum) the other day, when on page 14, I spotted a familiar name! Surely not, but I do believe it is?
'Twas on the good ship Weirbank, late 1976 / early 1977.
A balmy tropical night and just after midnight when the 3rd mate, having finished the 8-12 watch, was down on the main deck taking soundings (just forward of the superstructure). Purely by chance the 4th engineer, who had also come off watch, had stepped out on deck for a bit of fresh air and a cold beer. Spotting the chap on deck, the engineer snuck up quietly behind and, when 3rd mate straightened up from the sounding pipe, engineer, arms outstretched, firmly jabbed the sucker in both ribs and yelled "Banzai"!!!
Poor 3rd mate! Went so high off the deck that the engineer's first thought was that by the time he came back down he would have missed the ship! On the way up he groaned horribly (it really was an awful sound), his arms flew out and the torch, which had been clasped firmly in his left hand, was released to arc gracefully 5metres to port and out over the side of the ship into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. At this point engineer departed the scene but, being a conscientious officer, headed straight to the bridge to report to the 2nd mate, Steve Messruther, who was by then on watch. Here, said the engineer to the 2nd mate, you'll never guess wot' I've just seen. The 3rd mate has just chucked the ships' torch over the side! After doing his duty and reporting the act of hooliganism, engineer popped down to the bar for another beer before bed. Sitting there all alone, hunched forward with elbows on knees and looking ever so peaky, was the poor 3rd mate.
An incident which took place around 37 years ago but which remains so clear in my mind, it could have been yesterday.
Ah, happy days, when one had to make one's own amusement to lighten the monotony of life on board.
I still have a copy of the invitation to David's 21st Birthday soiree aboard the motor vessel 'Weirbank' in the port of Napier, New Zealand, commencing at 7-30pm on Saturday, the 23rd of April, 1977 and featuring "Well-stocked bar, delightful music, splendid buffet, witty conversation". Got a photo somewhere too!
Good trip that was, the one and only time I went all the way round the wotsit, starting on 30/11/76 in Liverpool, heading westbound (Atlantic, USA, Panama, Pacific to Australia & New Zealand) and home via Indian Ocean, Suez and the Med I think, before paying off in Rotterdam (having stayed on for the home 'coast run') on 03/08/77 - around the world in 8months & 3days.