Sir William Hillary - ON 725

Edward Bridges 54-03
20th February 2008, 20:08
Does anyone know what happened to the ex Dover lifeboat, Sir William Hillary after she was sold to the Navy in 1941?

20th February 2008, 23:08
Apparently she became known as the "Isle of Colonsay" and as such was lost near Cape St Vincent on 30/10/1980, sorry but have no other info,neil./

Edward Bridges 54-03
20th February 2008, 23:14
Thanks Neil - it's a shame to hear that she was lost.

Iain Crosbie
22nd February 2008, 09:08
She was owned by a west of Scotland civil engineering company, who used it as a workboat on a contract in the western isles- this may have been on the isle of Colonsay, hence the name.
At the end of the contract, they sailed her to the Med, i presume for pleasure use, but as Neil says, the boat was lost en route. I do not know what the circumstances of the loss were.