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22nd February 2008, 10:26
Hello together
just to introduce myself
My name is Andreas Schlatterer, 47 by age and I am working in the shipping buisness since 1982. Most time I sailed for Swiss companies (Alpina Reederei, Metrofin, Enzian) on all kind of vessels except passengers. After 5 years at Claus Peter Offen I changed to Hapag Lloyd . I am now a Chief Engineer. Seamanslife changed a lot in this 26 years but I am still happy to be in this kind of Job.
As a family man I enjoy now the system which gives me 1 trip on / 1 trip off and this fully paid, a dream years ago. Okay the good times in the shipping are mostly gone but still it is good (I tried already two times working ashore but.....) For me personally the Bulkertime (12years) was the best.
best regards

22nd February 2008, 11:38
Greetings Andreas and welcome to SN from the south of England. Enjoy the site and all that goes with it. Nice introduction you gave. Most of us left the sea years ago but our minds are still there. R58 Ex engineer Queen Elizabeth (1)

non descript
22nd February 2008, 11:43
Andreas, a warm welcome to you. That's a nice introduction piecem well done and thank you for joining the community; if there is anything you are unclear about, just ask, in the meantime please enjoy the site and all it has to offer and we very much look forward to your postings. Bon Voyage.

K urgess
22nd February 2008, 11:48
Welcome aboard from northern England, Andreas.
A nice introduction and matches a lot of members of our crew.
I am sure you will find this ship to your liking.
Enjoy the voyage.

22nd February 2008, 15:48
Welcome from Lancashire UK.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



Bruce Carson
22nd February 2008, 16:59
From Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia, Andreas.
I think you'll find much to enjoy on SN: Make yourself at home here and we'll be looking forward to your postings.


Frank P
22nd February 2008, 17:15
Welcome onboard Andreas, enjoy the site.

MFG Frank.

22nd February 2008, 18:46
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

24th February 2008, 19:07

A warm welcome to SN from the Isle of Anglesey.
Join in our discussions and I am sure you will get many hours of pleasure from your membership. (Thumb)