Rfa Blue Rover

6th April 2004, 14:33
'Rover' Class RFA tankers have a certain lofty style, this being well captured in the above view of RFA BLUE ROVER (A270/1970) leaving Portsmouth on January 13th 1992.

23rd August 2006, 19:36
Hi, I am starting to build a 1/96th scale working model of Blue Rover A270.
Would be very grateful for any pictures of super structure and deck fitments as am finding it hard to make all the parts to correct detail.
Many thanks,

23rd August 2006, 19:54
Welcome to the site Greencarlux,

I suggest you start an introduction thread in the "Say Hello" forum and tell people about your interests there. You may have noticed there is also a "Model Ships" forum which you may find of interest.