The Bad Cockerel

Derek Roger
24th February 2008, 23:06
In the late 60s there was a story doing the rounds in Brocklebanks of a Captain who thought he had a "Green Thumb "

He apparently would grow all kinds of plants on the Bridge Wing including peanuts ; tomatoes ; little orange trees etc. which he would start from seed .

The crew at the time were ( as was their habit ) carrying a few chickens in a coup and a Cockerel in another coup on the poop . The Cockerel escaped and had the run of the ship for a few hours and in the process ate most if not all his plants !

The crew to appease the Captain turned the culprit into a Curry which was served with ceremony to the old man who apparently savored every bite with comments to the effect " Eat my peanuts would you? you little Begger etc . "

Any of you Brock Lads remember the story and who it may have been ? which ship ??

Regards Derek

Nick Jones
25th February 2008, 10:15
While on the Manipur (Ex Ivernia) after the Concordia charter, in Calcutta we adopted a Duck named Donald, which was kept in the engine room crews change room, as well as a Swan which belonged to the 2/E. The Swan went over the side in Chalna to it's freedom, but the Duck ended up as a special curry for those of us who would eat it.

Nick Jones