2nd March 2008, 15:50
Blackwater by H.L.Tredree is a true account of an outbreak of blackwater fever on a British tramp steamer S.S.Normandier during 1st world war. A real gripping story and one that all you Marconi men will enjoy and be proud of.

30th January 2020, 17:23
I recently managed to get a copy, having read this book in 1977, a copy lent to me by the Master of my first ship, A wonderful Gentleman Captain W.D.James of Common brothers.
He actually knew the Author, who apparently lived in the next valley in Welsh Wales. Capt James had gone to sea about 1930 as an Deck Boy, he had some interesting tales of life in the f'cle, and even when I sailed with him, he still had only 1/2 a cup of tea, (as by the time you got back to the f'cle you only ever had half a cupfull left.)
It really is an eye opening account, and just makes you think of the many things we take for granted nowadays.
I think it will take a seafarer to understand just how grim life was.
I got my copy on Amazon, there is an American publication of the book, the title is changed to "The strange ordeal of the SS Normandier", still HL Tredree as author. Well worth a read